“This wind is only the beginning of a tornado” – Wizard of Oz

General information

Polyvalent laboratory of arts and handicraft in Bologna – Camere d’Aria
is a welcoming place for everyone to express and develop their unique
creativity, and exchange experiences and methods.

The building itself is owned by the City of Bologna and has been rented
since 2014(monthly rent 572,95€)  by the cultural association Oltre…. Starting with thorough renovations, Camere d’Aria came into being. Oltre… has been active in the field of urban stimulation – artistic, playful and sociable – for more than 20 years (on a non-profit basis), directly involving citizens in the creative process, thus turning them into protagonists. Oltre…
is part of the Trans Europe Halles network (teh.net), a European network
of cultural centres promoting artists and citizens.

cameredaria.net | www.facebook.com/Cam.d.Aria | cameredariainfo@gmail.com

(Translation: Natalie Stypa)

At Camere d’Aria you can find:
1) artistic residences
2) a big space for creativity, workshops, presentations, dancing, organizing meetings and…
3) a community kitchen available for residents and guests where you can cook your own meals with all you can find
4) bathrooms and showers adapted also for people with disabilities
5) a workshop with hundreds of tools and parts, where you can create and build freely
6) a DIY bike workshop, where you can repair (yourself or together with others) your bike with the help of our professionals or also borrow one to go around Bologna
7) a big storage with a lot of recycled materials
8) a tailor’s workshop, also theatrical
9) a cucina popolare and cooking classes
10) a creative atmosphere full of stimulants!