The tailoring workshop is a “child” of Par Tòt Parade of 2011 and is conducted by Fabio Cicolani and Silvia Cerpolini, but it cooperates also with other professionals in the field of couture, theatrical tailoring and recycling.

The idea of our tailoring workshop is to develop projects of various kinds while not forgetting the social aspect and the way of providing to the community an useful and joyful service.
In spring 2014 we organized a workshop of theatrical tailoring taught by Gabriella Stangolini — a former chief of tailoring team of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna. The workshop has been organized later also in October 2014 and there are future plans for continuation.


Our intention is to create a theatrical costume storage in Camere d’Aria, where we can store the clothing created during workshops and those donated by other theatre companies and eventually put them all in shape so that they can be useful for future theatrical productions.

As we are tailors, we can also do some small repairs for you.

Our goal is to organize other workshops led by guests from outside that can stimulate our curiosity and give us inspiration: we would love to have an ethnic tailoring workshop, invite a professional in hat making and collaborate with everyone willing to give color to this place.