“This wind is only the beginning of a tornado” – Wizard of Oz

General information

“Camere d’Aria” is a part of a window frames ex-factory in Bologna, Massarenti zone. It’s a two-store building of 600 square metres, bought and partially renovated by the City of Bologna. In February 2014 Associazione Oltre… signed an agreement with the City of Bologna, Department of Culture and here we are in our newest adventure! Let’s bring more air into these rooms!

The Camere d’Aria project aims to be a multipurpose space for arts and crafts in the spirit of Oltre… according to which creativity, culture and art are gluing various projects together to give the pretext and multiple occasions for socializing, training, conviviality and exchange. The purpose is also to do activities that involve the neighbourhood and sustain the urban animation.

At Camere d’Aria you can find:
1) artistic residences
2) a big space for creativity, workshops, presentations, dancing, organizing meetings and…
3) a community kitchen available for residents and guests where you can cook your own meals with all you can find
4) bathrooms and showers adapted also for people with disabilities
5) a workshop with hundreds of tools and parts, where you can create and build freely
6) a DIY bike workshop, where you can repair (yourself or together with others) your bike with the help of our professionals or also borrow one to go around Bologna
7) a big storage with a lot of recycled materials
8) a tailor’s workshop, also theatrical
9) a cucina popolare and cooking classes
10) a creative atmosphere full of stimulants!